Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Accessories, Part II

It was a dark and stormy night. Perfect for a little crafting. I've been seeing lots of scarf tutorials around and wanted to try one, but couldn't find any jersey that I liked at the fabric store. Just the other day, I came upon this ruffle scarf, found at Vermillion Rules. Not only does she use an old t-shirt (why didn't I think of that before??) but she also doesn't bother with an elastic bobbin thread. I actually had everything I needed to try this, at home. Believe me, that never happens! I forgot to take a before pic, but I made this out of a soy sauce stained red t-shirt that had a fun navy fish print, that I pulled out of the bag of clothes I've been collecting for donations. It had always been a favorite and I'm happy to give it new life! This was one of the quickest projects I've made in a long time. Seriously, I think it took about 20 minutes. Now, this scarf is not as long as some that you are seeing the stores right now, but honestly, I'm fine with that. Sometimes those really long scarves get in my way while I'm working and I end up having to take them on and off all day. (If you do want a longer scarf, I'd recommend using a men's large or even xl shirt.) I think this one will stay out of my way!

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