Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Blog Fan to Blogger

I have enjoyed reading blogs for YEARS. I mostly read them for craft ideas and design inspiration. And if you need a 3 minute break from work, you check out the latest entry on a favorite blog. I am in constant awe of people’s creativity, love reading about new ideas and often try them out. A good friend of mine, who keeps up about 6 blogs of her own (yes, she is as amazing as she sounds), has been encouraging me to start a blog about the crafty side of my life. I was somewhat hesitant to start a blog, as I couldn’t figure out what my focus would be. A revelation finally came to me. This blog will mostly be about my attempt at various sewing, jewelry making, crafting tutorials that I am inspired by across the web. With that, I introduce you to “Tutorial Trials.” Enjoy!

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