Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Second Multi-Tasker Tote

My friend, S, (who I will leave a little anonymous since I didn't ask if I could write about her) was super enthusiastic about my first multi-tasker tote. She really loved it and told me that it would be perfect for travel. Now, she has recently become quite the road warrior, given that she's moved clear across the country to California, and can now share in my obsession of the search for the perfect bag. So I made a deal with her. If she bought the fabric, I'd make the bag. (Which was MUCH easier the second time.) It's surprisingly exciting to receive a big package of designer fabric that you didn't have to pay for. Even if you ultimately don't get to keep it. I've been frantically sewing over the past few days to finish said bag because I'm traveling to California on Thursday for a visit!! So the bag is finally finished, even with a few days to spare. I can't wait to deliver it in person. (If you happened to miss my post about my first multi-tasker tote, it's an Anna Maria Horner design.) I think I like it even more than the one that I made for myself, the fabrics go so well together. Hope she likes it!