Thursday, April 25, 2013

4 Things

-It's Flea Market season!  At least around here, you start to see these pop up around Spring and Summer.  I can usually find where and when one might be taking place by looking on Craig's list and checking the local paper on line.  Here's a fun tutorial to turn an old frame into a tray.
-I think I've previously posted a tutorial on this, but I really want to try string art.  This tutorial is very detailed, but makes it seem pretty easy.  If only I could decide which word to use...
-It's no secret that I love totes.  I have far too many that a person really needs, but I've been looking for a new challenge.  This DIY Rope Bag has definitely made the short list!
-I think I was about 10 years old when Legal Eagles came out.  After seeing this movie, I developed a huge crush on Robert Redford.  Possibly my first crush on a real person (I think my first real crush was on Kermit the Frog.)  He's 77 years old and still making and staring in movies.  His latest movie is coming out, The Company You Keep.

Monday, April 22, 2013

More Vegetables in Your Diet

This is not an uncommon problem.  We all need more vegetables in your diet.  I had a few aging tomatoes in my fruit basket and was looking for a way to use them.  After a few on line searches, I came across pizzas.  On flat breads.  Like this one from Pioneer Woman.  I don't like salads, but pizza...who doesn't like pizza?  So I bought some mushrooms and zucchini.  Roasted them, along with the old tomatoes, in a 425 oven and set them aside until I was ready to make my pizza.  I also broiled a few chicken cutlets marinated in Italian salad dressing (about 7 minutes per side) to add to the pizza (if you've read this blog ever, you know I'm all about protein).  The next steps were easy.  I had purchased some naan flat bread, spread a little prepared pizza sauce (purchased near the spaghetti sauce), topped the sauce with the roasted vegetables and chicken, followed by some shredded cheese and baked the whole thing for about 7 minutes in a 450 degree oven.  I also had a simple salad on the side (even more veggies)!  And there you have it.  A very easy dinner.  Lots and lots of vegetables!

Friday, April 19, 2013

4 Things.

-Now that the weather is getting nice, I see picnics and bbqs in our future.  I do love a pasta salad and think this one seems simple, easy and is so beautiful!  You could throw in some pepperoni or ham for a little protein.
-Mindy Kaling.  Have you been watching her show on Fox, The Mindy Project?  I was sort of late to this party, but have been watching the previous episodes on the Fox TV app.  She is funny, like really funny.  I also recently read her book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)".  Which is smart, funny, honest and touching.  I read every night before I go to sleep and it's not often that I read anything that makes me actually laugh out loud.  Buy this book to read this summer while traveling or sitting on the beach or simply while sitting on your couch.  It's perfect for any occasion.
-Need to do a little shopping?  Might I recommend checking out Brickyard Buffalo?  They are an online pop-up market that sells many handmade items from small businesses often at a big discount. I recently bought this deal from Gingiber.  I love dishtowels and decided to replace a few in my collection.  They are adorable and excellent quality and came within a week.
-Earlier this year, I bought a Keurig, which I love, but in warmer weather, I like iced coffee. In the past, I've seen some recipes for iced coffee that were for really big batches. And used a whole pound of ground coffee. I found this intimidating.  I found this cold brewed iced coffee and it only uses 1/3 cup of ground coffee.  Think I'll give it a shot next weekend. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

4 Things

One of the best things about spring in Maryland is the flowering trees.  They are every where.  Everyone knows about the cherry blossoms in DC and yes, those are very special and absolutely gorgeous.  But what no one ever mentions is that the whole state is covered with flowering trees.   (I know, I know.  Technically DC isn't part of Maryland.  It's a district of it's own, but you'd see why Maryland or Virginia would try to claim it.)  Unfortunately, I also am allergic to all of the pollen that comes with these trees.  I may have even looked like I had been in a fight earlier this week, my right eye (just the right one) was quite swollen and beyond itchy.  Despite this discomfort, I appreciate the beauty that spring brings.
And now, a few links from around the web.
-I love this giant cross stitch!  Made from fairly simple and inexpensive materials, for big impact.
-I feel like I may have posted this before, but I really want to try to make a painting like this. Although I'm overwhelmed by all the paint I'd have to buy.
-This is a smart and simple way to organize jewelry.
-There seems to be a glitter nail polish shortage.  (Seriously.  I want to buy gold glitter nail polish and really can't find any anywhere!)  Looks like I can make my own now.
Wishing you all a great weekend!  I will be forcing myself to clean out my closet (posting this here to keep me honest).  Jealous?

Friday, April 5, 2013

4 Things.

One of my favorite things about Spring:  Daffodils!  They are so yellow, hearty and beautiful.  Sometimes even blooming through the snow.  I bought a few small bouquets of unbloomed daffodils at the grocery store this week (for next to nothing) and have been enjoying watching them slowly bloom.
And now, a few posts from around the web:
-I don't wear earrings, so in spring and summer, I'm all about the bracelet.  (They work better with short sleeves.) I have many, many of them, but love this tutorial for a leather cuff.  This would also work with oil cloth. 
-I'll be trying this recipe for Spring Stir Fried Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas & Carrots this weekend. Looks so delicious and easy.
-Here's something practical that I have not been doing correctly.  How to Safely Clean Your Cellphone.
-Mad Men returns this Sunday with a 2 hour season premier!  I am unnaturally excited about the return of a TV show.  But it's just that good.