Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grandma's 85th Birthday!

I spent the day at my Grandma's house today, to celebrate her 85th Birthday!
My mom came in from Kansas City to celebrate. Grandma didn't know she was coming...and was so happy to see her!
I was finally able to deliver her birthday pillow.
Many of her grandchildren and even some of her great grandchildren were in attendance. (As were all of her children, didn't get a pic of all of them.)
Here's my mom visiting with Donna. Donna described my mother very well to me, said she was very "entertaining." Ha!
Ken, Grandma's youngest son, orchestrated the whole event! Here he is with my mom. Thanks for the great day, Ken!

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  1. Hi! I finally have a real computer again and can look at the pictures! Love all the family shots and pics of northern California....I notice there are few winery pics? :)