Monday, April 26, 2010

The Final Dishtowel

I came home for lunch today, after I had a mini-panic this morning, after I realized that my wallet wasn't in my purse. I have to travel for work tomorrow, so not having my driver's license would be a bad scene at the airport. I was 99% sure that my wallet was in my smaller purse and that I just forgot to transfer it, but my mind just got fixated on this and given that I live VERY close to my office, decided to just come home and check. Thankfully it was exactly where I thought it was. Crisis averted! And now it's going to be difficult to go back to work, especially since it's dark, dreary and rainy today. A day I wish I could just stay in bed! But, back to the crafts. Last night, I managed to finish the 3rd dishtowel, pictured here still in the embroidery hoop, (mentioned in this post), but we were having bad thunderstorms and thought it was best to stay away from the computer, my electricity kept flickering. I used heat 'n bond lite to apply the birds and branch, then did a running stitch around everything with embroidery thread. Would have gone MUCH faster with a sewing machine, but since mine in the shop, I used this alternative method. Pretty cute, no? And yes, that is supposed to be a mama bird and a baby bird, fitting since this will be part of my mom's Mother's Day gift.
The applique pattern was found here: Bird Applique from Lolly Chops


  1. Very cool Em!!!! Have fun traveling today!

  2. These were very cute....hope she loves them!

  3. I think that I like the bird applique the best! I'll bet that she uses them for her bathroom! :)