Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sewing Machine Maintenance, Resorting to Hand Sewing

Is this something that other people do regularly? Clean and oil their sewing machines? I was trying to figure out how long I've had my sewing machine...probably for 15+ years. It is far from fancy, was incredibly inexpensive and is held together in a few places by duct tape. It seems to be working fine, until recently, when it started making some groaning noises when in operation. Still working, but not so great. While doing some mindless work today, it occurred to me, that it needs to be oiled! I have no idea where the owner's manual is, but found some simple instructions on-line. I picked up some sewing machine oil and went to work. Seemed easy enough, once I figured out how to take the top off. Put it all back together and it was working beautifully, until I had to wind a bobbin. I somehow broke this function. So she's off at the repair shop. I hope that it's a simple repair.
Of course, I had big plans this weekend to make the Gathered Clutch from Noodleheads, but guess it will have to wait until next weekend. Hopefully my machine will be back by then.
So, in the meantime, I've been working on some dishtowels for my mom, to accompany something else as her Mother's Day present. (It's early this year!) I embroidered two and am working on appliquing one. (The applique towel is still in the works, but suddenly realized this morning that I have a really busy week, including some travel, so thought I'd go ahead and post before time got away from me. Stay tuned for the third one in the series.) I think they turned out quite well! I found the patterns here:
Bird on Flower from Butterflyfishband (converted from a coloring page)

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