Monday, April 19, 2010

Business Card Holder

I've recently been asked for a business card several times, not by a colleague, but by a friend or relative and have been embarrassingly caught without one. Then this weekend, I received the nicest package from the Mid Atlantic Make A Wish chapter (where I volunteer). In celebration of National Volunteer week, they made me my very own Wish Granter business cards! So nice! These recent events has sent me rummaging all around my kitchen, desk and dresser for a business card holder, I know I have several. Cannot for the life of me find one of these. So, decided to just make one. After a quick search online, I came across this tutorial on Schlosser Designs. This was a super easy project, came together in about an hour. Including, pressing and cutting the fabric. The interlining I used was probably a little thicker than needed and my pathetic little sewing machine struggled with it a bit. But overall, happy with how it turned out.
Given that it's National Volunteer Week, I have to give a plug to volunteering. I spend a few hours every week on my volunteer work for Make a Wish. I definitely get far more out of it then I give. Find a little time to give's so rewarding!

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