Sunday, August 4, 2013

I know, I know....

It's been a while since I've blogged!  I've missed it and will be getting back to regularly scheduled programming.  I used to research for my blog at lunch time and then would write my scheduled post on Thursday, also at lunch. I don't have that luxury any more, I plan on researching in the evening and writing on Sunday morning, posting on Monday morning.  Sound good?
I've been doing well and feel like I'm fitting in pretty easily here in Minneapolis.  My apartment is coming together.  I still need to buy a few pieces of furniture.  I detest furniture shopping and have realized that I don't have a knack for interior design.  At all.  So, there are a few piles of things here and there.  I also realized that I have too much stuff and have been editing my collection of junk.  I've also been very careful about what I bring home.  But I digress...
On to this week's "4 Things"!
-Love this video about a family that sold everything and is taking a country wide road trip.  I really admire people who have the courage to live differently.
-An interesting dating experiment
-Love these curtains!!
-This looks like the perfect summer dinner
(I forgot to mention...the above picture is of Lake Calhoun, the biggest lake here in Minneapolis.  So beautiful!  I live about a mile from it.)

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