Monday, August 26, 2013

A Map.

I have a big empty wall that I've been trying to fill in my bathroom.  Trying to fill it with something interesting, colorful and inexpensive.  Something to off set my rather serious gray stripe shower curtain.  I really like my shower curtain, but needed to introduce a little color.  I was in a fun little shop over the weekend that had a bin of old maps and other papers, each for $2 or $3.  And that's when I came across this map.  It's really nothing special.  Just an old AAA map for $2.  But I thought that if I threw it in a frame, it might brighten up the place.  I bought a standard poster frame, trimmed the map down a little, stuck it in the frame and bravely hung it on the wall.
Exactly the look I was going for.  Bright, cheerful, simple. 
At the same fun little shop, I purchased this little piece of string art.  It was only $22 and I could not pass it up!  (If you ever find yourself in Minneapolis, I highly recommend you stop in Piccadilly Prairie!)
Here it is hung on the opposite wall, with a few other things I've had for a long time. 
And with that, my bathroom is complete!

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