Sunday, August 11, 2013

4 Things

A dandelion fountain! 

Change often teaches you something about yourself.  Sometimes big things, sometimes little things.  A little lesson I recently learned about myself is that I hate furniture shopping.  If you know me at all, you know that I love shopping.  For just about anything.  (But I dislike malls, perhaps that's for another day.)  But what is it about furniture?  It's not even about the money.  I made a point to set aside money once I knew I was moving just for this purpose.  I've been getting completely hung up on interior design.  What is my style?  I'm not entirely sure.  Since I'm a grown up now, I'm trying to curate a well put together look instead of just buying stuff.  I think I'm getting there.  I bought a couch the 2nd day I was in Minneapolis and I've also purchased a coffee table. The media console was completely a different story.  I've been shopping for one for weeks and weeks on end.  Finally, yesterday, I actually bought one!  I'm happy I held out for one that I really like.  And that it has storage.  It's the one in the middle of the picture below.  Whew. 

I purchased it at a crazy small and congested furniture store called Nadeau.  As you can see in this picture, they had things stacked up at least 3 high! In a mass produced, Ikea world (not that there is anything wrong with Ikea, I have plenty of things from there too), they have a different approach.  Their tag line is "Furniture with a Soul."  From their website: "we are dedicated to enhancing our customers' lives by consistently discovering and offering unique, handcrafted and affordable furniture that brings beauty, warmth, and a bit of authentic, ethnic culture into their homes."  Nothing is mass-produced or assembly required!  They have locations all over the country, perhaps there's one in your neck of the woods.

Now on to this week's 4 things.
Potato stamping.
This looks like a great way to use farmer's market purchases.
Happy people.
Are you an introvert like me?  I've been reading Quiet by Susan Cain.  Can't recommend this enough!!

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