Friday, April 5, 2013

4 Things.

One of my favorite things about Spring:  Daffodils!  They are so yellow, hearty and beautiful.  Sometimes even blooming through the snow.  I bought a few small bouquets of unbloomed daffodils at the grocery store this week (for next to nothing) and have been enjoying watching them slowly bloom.
And now, a few posts from around the web:
-I don't wear earrings, so in spring and summer, I'm all about the bracelet.  (They work better with short sleeves.) I have many, many of them, but love this tutorial for a leather cuff.  This would also work with oil cloth. 
-I'll be trying this recipe for Spring Stir Fried Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas & Carrots this weekend. Looks so delicious and easy.
-Here's something practical that I have not been doing correctly.  How to Safely Clean Your Cellphone.
-Mad Men returns this Sunday with a 2 hour season premier!  I am unnaturally excited about the return of a TV show.  But it's just that good.

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