Friday, March 29, 2013

4 Things.

They are calling this the "winter that wasn't" here in the mid-Atlantic states.  The winter weather has really been very mild and now it won't go away!  We are not the only people in the United States feeling this pain.  And soon enough, we'll be complaining that it's too hot.  But it is putting a bit of a damper on the upcoming Easter festivities.  Will we be hunting for eggs in the snow?
-I have this fantasy of living on a little land, with maybe some chickens?  Probably not going to happen, but I did love reading about this family's maple syrup harvest.  Seems very idyllic, doesn't it?
-Due to metal allergies, I very rarely wear earrings, but I love these Fabric Leaf earrings.  And think that they could easily be converted to some sort of necklace.
-Easter is this weekend!  Although we are all cursing the weather, I love the Pioneer Women's idea of Krispy Easter Eggs.  She basically making rice crispy treats in egg shapes, but so, so cute!  Looks easy and something you could do with small children.  (I think there's a quite a few of them home on Spring Break this week.)
-And I'll close this week with a shopping tip.  As the Easter stuff goes on clearance next week, keep you're eyes open for those ceramic egg "cartons".  They have these at Athropologie, but for what it is, their price is pretty steep.  They have them in the seasonal Easter stuff at places like Joanns.  Here's another one at Kohl's.  These are very handy for storing beads, using when making jewelry or I suppose you could just leave one on your dresser to store earrings.  My point is, they usually only have them around for Easter, then put on clearance.  I bought one at Joanns a few years back for $2-3.  And use it all the time.  So buy a few, you'll find all sorts of uses for them!

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