Friday, April 12, 2013

4 Things

One of the best things about spring in Maryland is the flowering trees.  They are every where.  Everyone knows about the cherry blossoms in DC and yes, those are very special and absolutely gorgeous.  But what no one ever mentions is that the whole state is covered with flowering trees.   (I know, I know.  Technically DC isn't part of Maryland.  It's a district of it's own, but you'd see why Maryland or Virginia would try to claim it.)  Unfortunately, I also am allergic to all of the pollen that comes with these trees.  I may have even looked like I had been in a fight earlier this week, my right eye (just the right one) was quite swollen and beyond itchy.  Despite this discomfort, I appreciate the beauty that spring brings.
And now, a few links from around the web.
-I love this giant cross stitch!  Made from fairly simple and inexpensive materials, for big impact.
-I feel like I may have posted this before, but I really want to try to make a painting like this. Although I'm overwhelmed by all the paint I'd have to buy.
-This is a smart and simple way to organize jewelry.
-There seems to be a glitter nail polish shortage.  (Seriously.  I want to buy gold glitter nail polish and really can't find any anywhere!)  Looks like I can make my own now.
Wishing you all a great weekend!  I will be forcing myself to clean out my closet (posting this here to keep me honest).  Jealous?

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