Thursday, April 25, 2013

4 Things

-It's Flea Market season!  At least around here, you start to see these pop up around Spring and Summer.  I can usually find where and when one might be taking place by looking on Craig's list and checking the local paper on line.  Here's a fun tutorial to turn an old frame into a tray.
-I think I've previously posted a tutorial on this, but I really want to try string art.  This tutorial is very detailed, but makes it seem pretty easy.  If only I could decide which word to use...
-It's no secret that I love totes.  I have far too many that a person really needs, but I've been looking for a new challenge.  This DIY Rope Bag has definitely made the short list!
-I think I was about 10 years old when Legal Eagles came out.  After seeing this movie, I developed a huge crush on Robert Redford.  Possibly my first crush on a real person (I think my first real crush was on Kermit the Frog.)  He's 77 years old and still making and staring in movies.  His latest movie is coming out, The Company You Keep.

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