Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Craft: Salt Dough Ornaments

I was feeling the need to do a little holiday crafting today. Something quick, easy and inexpensive. I decided on salt dough ornaments. I plan on using these to tie on gifts. All that is required is salt (1/2 cup), water (1/2 cup) and flour (1 cup). I also used my alphabet stamps and my set of snow flake stamps. All of these items I had on hand.
I did have to buy some cookie cutters. I looked high and low all morning for an inexpensive set with no avail. Then, I stumbled upon these for .99 at Trader Joe's! I love that place!
I found great instructions for salt dough ornaments here. You basically make the dough, knead it, roll it out, cut it out, at this point I used stamps to make imprints, then you bake for a LONG time at a low oven to dry them out. If wanted you can shellac them with varnish. I think this would be great to do with kid's as well. Don't be surprised if you receive one of these tied to a gift from me!
cutout, before imprinting with stamps
all ready to go in the oven!

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