Monday, November 7, 2011

My Favorite Livestock, More from Ceramics 101

Let's kick off this week's post with an adorable picture of a pair of Alpaca! My friend Sarah and I used to be a little obsessed with alpaca. We dreamed of ditching our corporate jobs and owning an alpaca farm. They are soo cute and we could manufacturer and sell alpaca yarn. I was at an art fair this weekend and they had these two little guys out front. They were so friendly! They are still my favorite livestock!
This past week, I was finally able to pick up my pottery that I made during my last session of ceramics class. Take a look!
A mug
A bowl A vase. A pencil cup. You know, for your desk. A rather wonky vase.
And another bowl.

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  1. I love the alpaca picture! They are the most adorable animals...and so useful too :)