Sunday, May 30, 2010

Movie Treats! (and a visit to an area quilt shop)

I'm off this afternoon to see Sex and the City 2 with some friends! I am beyond excited!! My sister and I did not miss an episode back when SATC was on HBO, airing it's regular seasons. We watched EVERY Sunday night, religiously. That seems like a million years ago. So my devotion to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte runs deep. But I digress. It is my friend Min's birthday today. So I couldn't just show up at the theater like it was any other day. So I decided to bring snacks. I made White Chocolate Popcorn; the recipe was found on Make and Takes. (Which was put together in literally 10 minutes yesterday afternoon. Other than letting it harden for a few hours, the stage that took the longest was microwaving the popcorn.) I also am including small packages of swedish fish and pretzels. (The pretzels are for me, I can only take so many sweets and maybe others feel this way too.) Packaged all individual snacks in cellophane bags tied with ribbon and everybody's collection of snacks in just plain paper bags. (Wished I would have thought ahead on the overall packaging, but even I can't think of everything.) I think my friends, who share my love of eating, will enjoy this surprise. Maybe they'll go to the movies with me more often... Now, off to the movies! (I hope I can convince them to have a cosmo with me.)
On a completely unrelated note, I ventured out to Annapolis yesterday, to visit Cottonseed Glory, a very good quilt shop! These are few and far between in the Baltimore/Washington Area, so just had to mention it. Definitely worth the trip.

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