Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bloomin' Onions?

I hate raw onions. Don't put a raw onion ring on my burger-it ruins the whole thing. But a cooked onion-that's an aromatic and can add a lot to a flavor to a dish. So, from time to time, I'll buy a small bag of onions at Trader Joe's. Has about 4-5 onions and will last for months. Or so I thought. I peered into my little basket that I keep my onions and garlic in, this morning, only to find this. Two of the onions had sprouted! I had only bought these last week. Are they old? Can they still be eaten? I'm going to keep this experiment going.... Wonder if they'll flower? While I'm at it, thought I'd mention a healthy recipe. I had a craving for BBQ pulled pork this week (I am a Kansas City girl, after all), but let's be honest, not a very figure-friendly dish. I searched and searched and finally came across this recipe from Eating Well-Barbeque Pulled Chicken. It's cooking away in my crock pot as we speak. (I've since eaten the aforementioned pulled chicken. It was pretty good. I would definitely recommend dialing up the heat a little.)

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