Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gathered Clutch Tutorial

So my sewing machine is finally back from the repair shop. And working better than ever! I had thought late last year that I needed a new one. But this one just keeps on tickin'. Not unlike my Nissan Sentra. So, I can now get to the point of this blog, trying out tutorials. I had wanted to give the Gathered Clutch tutorial a shot, (from Noodleheads) weeks ago, but due to unforseen circumstances, didn't get a chance until now. I think it turned out soo cute! This first one was really just a trial, I know I can do a better job. This was honestly my first time using a zipper foot and my zipper setting was not my neatest work. So, I must try, try again. A really easy tutorial though. Probably only took about an hour or so of sewing. My kind of project! I think I'll add a wrist strap next time.