Friday, January 4, 2013

Handstamped Cloth Napkins.

Now that Christmas is over, I can post about a few handmade gifts I made. 
This one is pretty simple.  A friend of mine had been saying she wanted some cloth napkins.  And this idea popped into my head.  First, I came up with a list of synonyms for "Eat."  Like Dine, Munch, Bite, Chow...  I was going to sew the napkins, but then I was at Homegoods and saw how they could be even less expensively purchased. (When ink stamping fabrics, look for a natural fiber for best results.  The napkins I purchased were 100% Cotton.)

There aren't a lot of instructions needed.  First, wash, dry and press the napkins.  Then stamp on the words.  (Are you still with me??)

 I used this set of stamps, from The Curiosity Shoppe, from Target.  (Unfortunately, no longer available.)
I used this ink from VersaCraft.  It's important to pick an ink that's permanent and that can work on fabric. 

After the ink dried for a good week, I heat set it with a hot, dry iron.  It's important to iron over a pressing cloth, for about 2 minutes to each area.  For even best results, iron both sides of the fabric and let the fabric set for at least a week before washing.
Here's the end result!

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