Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cuppa Kim Mug Swap

I can't even remember where I heard about the Cuppa Kim Mug Swap.  I obviously read about it on a blog, but can't remember which one.  The rules were simple.  You send Cuppa Kim your contact information then she sends with someone who sends you a mug and vice versa.  You send a mug and get a mug.  Why participate?  Well, it's always nice to get GOOD mail once in a while!  I received this beautiful mug and some vanilla black tea!  So exciting to get a present in the mail.  I drink tea only in cool weather, so I will be enjoying this in the very near future.

You can read about the mug I sent, here.


  1. that mug you got is beautiful. so so pretty. :)
    and i love black tea.
    and vanilla.
    and vanilla black tea. YUUUUM :)

  2. I LOVE that mug. So beautiful. :)