Friday, September 14, 2012

4 Things.

This week's pictures come from the American Visionary Art Museum.  It's within walking distance and I should really go there more often! Here's a look at a few of the installations outside the museum.  The mosaics are made primarily out of mirrors which make them especially sparkly!

They had a flea market this weekend and I picked up a couple of things.  This adorable dog picture and a fashion sketch.  I'm really out of wall space in my current dwelling, but these two pieces were too special to pass up.  Grand total for both? $5.

Do:  With the new fall season upon us, shouldn't you clean out that closet?  I've been deep into this.  I'll be honest, it feels great to have less stuff!  Easier to find things, easier to get dressed every morning.  Here are some great tips

Make: Have some empty wall space that needs to be filled?  How about making your own?  Here's a  ikat print idea from Lowe's (of all places).  Pretty, no?  And easy to customize to your decor colors.

Learn:  Are you interested in starting a blog?  I highly recommend it. It's really fun and I highly envy those people who write blogs full time.  At any rate, here's a really good article about starting your own blog.  Really good tips.

Eat:  With the change of seasons, I'm craving meals that are hearty.  I can't wait to make this healthy and easy one dish dinner.

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