Sunday, June 24, 2012

Printing Fabric: Stenciling

I bought this craft kit, Lotta's Printing Studio, several months ago at Nordstrom Rack, of all places.  Written by Lotta Jansdotter, a popular textile designer.  It was only about $5.00.  It contains about 5 stencils, linoleum cutting tools, a couple of sponges and a small instruction book.  Today, I gave fabric stenciling a shot.
The stencils in the kit, unfortunately were made of paper.  So, they really couldn't be used over and over again.  So...
 I used this paper stencil to cut a stencil out of acetate.  I purchased the acetate in the "stencil" aisle of the craft store.  About $3 for three sheets and easily cut with an xacto knife.
 I had a few bottles of fabric paint on hand.  Also purchased at the craft store.
 I applied the paint with a couple of different tools.  I tried a stencil "brush".
 And I tried the sponge that came with the kit.
 Here's my palette.  I usually just use a paper plate when painting.
And the outcome!  Turned out pretty well.  I think I liked using the brush better than the sponge.  Yet another quick and easy project.  I can see how you could produce prints very quickly.  This would be a great avenue to produce items for a craft show or something like that.  Stay tuned for a future project using these prints.

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