Thursday, June 7, 2012

Owl #2 (Embracing the Neon Trend)

Last month, I bought a creepy owl at a flea market and turned into an adorable knick-knack.  This past weekend, I found this little owl and while he was pretty cute as is, knew that he would make a wonderful addition to my owl collection.  (I've been wanting to collect something for quite a while now.  Perhaps this is it!)  So, I decided to give him a couple of coats of neon pink paint (neon is all the rage these days).  It took about 4 coats of paint.
I used this "Sizzling Pink" neon paint by Americana and applied the paint with a sponge stencil "brush".  It really helps lay the paint onto a rough and uneven surface like this little guy.

The finished product!!  
(Neon does not photograph well, this picture does not do him justice.  Much cuter in person!)

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