Sunday, August 21, 2011

Artful Jewelry-"Gauguin's Gift for Color" Bangles

Oh, Borders. I am enormously sad that you are going out of business. I am still coming to terms with the fact that I will have to find somewhere else to spend my lazy Saturday afternoons. It's a good thing I now am the proud owner of a Kindle. But on the other hand, a do love a good sale. So, I hit my local Borders the other afternoon. Everything is at least 40% off. I was purchasing a few stationary items (because of the Kindle, not really in the market for books) as well as some kid's books for my little nephew and nieces, when I came across this book. Artful Jewelry by Jo Packham. It was marked $3.99 and I think it rang up under $3. I love a good project and noticed that this book came with some supplies. The idea is that each project (11 of them) will become a piece of jewelry that was inspired by an artist and his works.
The first project that I chose was "Gauguin's Gift for Color." Essentially, they gave you a blank plastic bangle, with instructions to wrap said bangle with embroidery thread. Basically, you take your chosen embroidery thread color, glue it to the inside of the bracelet and wrap it around until the desired length is covered. Then start with a new color until you've covered the entire bracelet. This was an incredibly easy and satisfying project. Although was a little time consuming. What I would call a good TV project. The perfect mindless activity while watching TV. The book came with some embroidery thread, but they were only blues and yellows, not exactly colors that I have in my wardrobe. So I used my own thread, but did use the bracelet that came with the kit. I loved the way that it turned out, so I used another random wooden bracelet that I had on hand, to make another one (you know, more is more). If you decide to try this yourself, I recommend that you don't use hot glue. I did with the first one I made, and might have suffered a 2nd degree burn. Just buy some .29 cent school glue. Much more user friendly and super affordable with all of the back to school sales!! Also, I did look around to see if blank bangles were available in the craft stores. I did not find any at Micheal's or Joann's. I would recommend looking at Forever 21 or Wal-mart or Target for a plain plastic or wooden bangle. Should be relatively inexpensive. And embroidery thread is usually under .50 a skein. A perfect accessory for the end of summer!

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