Friday, August 12, 2011

All Natural Popcorn

It's been at least a couple of years since I've tried to follow an all natural diet. I have very bad allergies and my dermatologist has encouraged me that this change in my diet would make a big difference in my skin's health. She was absolutely correct. And day to day, it has not been a difficult adjustment. But one think I have missed is microwave popcorn. Just check out the ingredients on the back of a microwave popcorn box. Not good. Tons of artifical ingredients, artifical colors, not to mention enough sodium to kill a slug. A couple weeks ago, I had a popcorn craving and remembered this tutorial I saw quite a while ago. Turns out, you can make microwave popcorn with any additives. All you need is a paper bag, tape and popcorn kernals. You can add anything you want. (And it's very inexpensive.) My favorite additive is parmesan, freshly grated. You won't regret trying this!

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  1. What a coincidence! I just switched over to plain ol' popcorn kernels too! I add butter to mine but hey, it's better than the microwave popcorn right?