Friday, November 9, 2012

4 Things

Thank goodness it's Friday!  This week has been a doozie!  I was honestly relieved to go to the dentist yesterday (a chore I typically hate), sit quietly in the waiting room for 10 minutes and mindlessly read the November Issue of Bon Appetit.  I have a big work project that I need to start, but couldn't figure out where to begin.  I was able to sort out my thoughts, as I sat in the chair, getting my teeth cleaned (no cavities!).  Perhaps I don't hate the dentist as much as I thought!  (Remember, if you can't get out of it, get into it!  It really works!!)

Make:  I keep seeing great ideas for presents to make for that hard to shop for person.  How about a Personalized Throw?  You can pick up a plain inexpensive fleece blanket almost anywhere, then add some applique!  Brilliant!  Full tutorial on Maize Hutton.

Decorate:  That big turkey dinner is right around the corner.  You've probably thought about your menu, but what about the centerpiece?  Check out these Tips for Autumn Floral Arrangements from A Beautiful Mess.  Including feathers?  So pretty!

Consider:  My heart continues to be heavy with thoughts of the Hurricane Sandy victims.  I want to write something deep and heartfelt, but I am at a loss for words.  I thought this post from A Blog About Love was quite poignant.   May we all have gratitude!  (Especially in the spirit of Thanksgiving, but always.)

Download: I love these Fall Wallpaper downloads from  IMM Living Blog, via How About Orange.

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