Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 Things.

It's Sunday night and I've just realized that I didn't write a blog post last week.  I couldn't decide if I should just skip it or write it a few days late.  I decided to go ahead and post a few days late.  Although this means I'll have to post twice this week.  I think I'm up for it!

Cook:  Have I been posting a lot of chili recipes lately?  Possibly, yes.  But this Vegetarian Chili: 3 Ways post was too good not to mention.  I'm not vegetarian, so I will be add either some roasted chicken or some browned ground beef.  Will still be super healthy.  I think I'll try the pumpkin version this weekend!  From A Beautiful Mess.

Make (for your little one):  If you haven't decided on a Halloween costume for your little one yet, might I suggest this Eiffel Tower costume from  Oh Happy Day?  I realize it might be a bit of a hard sell in our commercialized culture, but there might be a little Francophile among us.

Make (for your friends):  Believe it or not, Christmas is really just weeks away.  It's true.  And if you're planning on making any gifts, you best get started!  If you need a little inspiration, check out Everything Etsy's list of 101 Handmade Gifts for Her.   (Because, let's face it.  Most men wouldn't appreciate a handmade gift any how.)

Tips:  While I usually wear contacts, I do technically wear glasses.  I thought this Makeup Lessons for Gals with Glasses was fantastic!  From Refinery29.

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