Friday, August 17, 2012

4 Things.

I love the internet. I'm a constant browser.  Some might call this a time suck, and sometimes it is.  But it can also be educational and often inspiring.  I often find lots and lots of really amazing things.  Things that I want to share with you!
So, I'm starting a new thing on my little blog called "4 Things."  Look for "4 Things" each and every Friday.
I'll be listing things that fall into one of the following categories (that are subject to change): 

I also hope to include an interesting picture that I have recently taken.  Perhaps from the previous week.  

With that said, let's begin!

-Eat:  Superfood Salad from Iowa Girl Eats.  I realize that the end of summer is upon us (at least it feels that way, although the 1st day of Autumn is technically September 22-so we have a good 5 weeks to go), but it isn't too late to eat this salad.  I try to eat a low processed diet (allergies) and also have recently developed an aversion to deli meat.  So I end up cooking quite a bit.  This superfood salad is super healthy and super adaptable (super in oh so many ways!).  The recipe calls for Quinoa, but I had this big bag of Bulgar that I have been using and I've also tried it with Millet. I think just about any grain would work.

-Read:  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.   I just started reading this on Wednesday and am only into the 2nd chapter, but so far it is really good.  I'm not an unhappy person, but couldn't we all be happier?  It's a book that makes you think, if a book doesn't make you think why bother?  You can also follow The Happiness Project Blog

-Think:  While on the subject of happiness, you might also like to check out "10 Simple Things That Make You Happier at Home" on Apartment Therapy.  I've been focusing on #5 this week (If you can't get out of it, get into it!) and it's made a big difference.  Nobody likes doing the dishes, but it's much easier when let yourself watch the newest episode of RHONY at the same time.  And let's be honest, having a clean kitchen can be really satisfying.

Download:  Since I might as well stick to this little "happy" theme, consider downloading this "Joy" wallpaper for your computer or iphone.  It's free on Lil Blue Boo (very well written blog, written by a young cancer survivor, artist and fashion designer, whose motto is Choose Joy).  I downloaded this to my iphone, it's cheerful and a welcome reminder!

Have a great weekend!!

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