Monday, January 2, 2012

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation...

Whew! The holidays are over. And it's 2012!! (Who doesn't like a new beginning??) I always enjoy the holidays. And I'm always happy when they are over. (Isn't everyone, or is that just me?) It's winter now. Ugh. Cold. I don't like the winter. I'm a summer girl. I write this from my couch, wearing new flannel pjs (major bargain, 75% off at Old Navy this weekend!!), a sweater "coat" and house slippers, beneath two fuzzy blankets and sipping hot tea. Drafty, in here. (So that no one feels too sorry for me, my bedroom is nice and toasty. It's just the striking yet poorly insulated 8 foot windows in my living room that are the culprit.) At least it's only for a few months, right?
I just returned from visiting my sister and the three most adorable children that ever set foot on this earth. I know you'd like to see some pictures of them, right? I regret that I didn't dig out my real camera. These grainy, slightly out of focus pictures were all taken with my iPhone. Some turned out well, some are grainy and out of focus. But the memories are there. That's what counts, right? So, here they are, along with a short recap of how we spent our Christmas vacation.
We left cookies for Santa.
We bundled up. (This takes a while with three children.)
We gave lots of hugs.
We discussed Walter, at great length. (The real Walter is Nana's pug. Who Brooke is slightly obsessed with. The idea of Walter at least. Any dog she sees, she points to and says, "It's a Walter!" She also likes to incorporate his name in song. For instance, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Walter. Every where you go, Walter." Adorable and hysterical.)
We spent time together.
We made many poor attempts at taking posed pictures of three children.
We dressed up.

And played.
And rested.

And opened many, many, MANY presents.

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