Thursday, January 5, 2012

Layering Helps.

It's cold. In my office too. We are housed in an old P&G plant. Converted to friendly office spaces, of course, but not built originally for office space. With lots of windows, that don't insulate us much from the cold. So here's how my little hand manages to stay warm while hard at work. Fingerless gloves. The rest of me wears lots of layers. I recently made this infinity scarf just from some knit fabric purchased at Joann's (sooo cool for them, not their usual inventory angle). It's a layered burn out knit. I followed the basic instructions found here on Maya Made. This is an incredibly simple and quick project. Can also be made from wovens. And keeping me warm!

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  1. It certainly does. And we've been meaning to get fingerless gloves for ages!

    Loving the blog!

    Minted Magazine