Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Wristlet

Isn't Fall the best season? Before I get to my new wristlet, here's a few recent instagram pics...
Pumpkins shelved in front of the grocery store. Even they look quaint when transformed in Instagram.
I saw this cool, vintage Volvo a few weeks ago. Forgot that I even took a picture of it. If only I had the wherewithal to own and maintain a vintage car... Perhaps I'm just not that cool. Or have a garage. And care too much for my own safety.
In my last post, I mentioned the purchase of a mini table runner from Target. (You can read about it here.) It's basically a piece of vinyl that you can put in the center of your table, sort of a big placemat. I used part of it for a travel pouch, but there was still quite a bit of it left. I had to do something with it, so I made a wristlet. I really do love a wristlet. I like to keep one in my big bag that I take to work everyday, so that I can throw my wallet, iPhone, gum and chapstick in when I go out to lunch or shopping after work. However, the trouble with store bought wristlets is that they are pretty small. Often too small for my wallet to fit. There in lies the beauty of making stuff! You can make it exactly how you want it! You could make your own wristlet with any vinyl or oilcloth you have on hand. It is sooo easy when you can leave the edges unfinished. The d-ring and clip used to attach the strap were found at Joann's, but could be found at any craft store.

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