Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Wreath, of the Yarn Variety

I had started to see many yarn wreaths pop up on the internet and with Christmas fast approaching, wanted to give one a try. I didn't, however, really see any tutorials for one. So, while shopping one day, picked up a styrofoam wreath form (only 10", starting small for once) along with some raspberry and dark lime green yarn. Just when I was about to start work on this yesterday, I came across this tutorial, on Take Heart's blog, found via One Pretty Thing. (If you are a crafter and don't know about One Pretty Thing, you are missing out! Everyday, she scoures the web in search of tutorials and posted them here! I check it everyday and find a ton of project ideas there.) I whipped this up one evening, while watching TV, it went much faster than I would have thought. I'm on the hunt for some pretty velvet ribbon to tie around the top, the ribbon selection at the big box fabric and craft stores is dismal, perhaps I'll find some online. (I did just order ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat. Great selection, really low prices!) This wreath did not end up being very Christmas-y in the end. But, I think it will pass. When you see a wreath in December, you can't help but think Christmas, right?

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