Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christmas in July

As a follower of Craftaholics, I was compelled to join in on the Christmas in July Gift Exchange. I love to make stuff, but there are limits to how much stuff I need/can use. So, I thought this would be a good outlet. And you get a handmade gift in return. But what does one make for someone they don't know. At all. It was suggested to contact the recipient and just ask, if you were unsure. But I just decided to make a couple of really useful items. (I also wanted to make things that I already had all of the supplies for.) I ended up with a zipper pouch made of oilcloth-could be used to hold just about anything, everyday, for travel, for makeup, as a small wetbag. I thought it would be good to hold sunscreen and other runny summer items. And a fabric basket. I didn't use a tutorial for the pouch. I used a method that I learned somewhere along the way, maybe in a book? I couldn't remember. But it was very quick and easy. Definitely took less than an hour to make. The second thing I made was a fabric basket was made from a tutorial found on Pink Penguin. I have made the quilted version before. In fact, I keep all of my camera, ipod, etc cords in it by my computer. I made a slightly bigger version this time and didn't do all of the piecing work. I used some Anna Maria Horner Drawing Room scraps and think it turned out so cute! Can't wait to see what I'll get in return.

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  1. Thanks again for the great gifts!