Monday, January 20, 2014

Cupcake Liner Valentine Cards

 Valentine's Day is right around the corner!  I always love to send mail and Valentine's Day is as good of a reason as anything, right?  I've had lots and lots of time inside given the extreme cold weather here in Minnesota, lots of time to make crafts!  I often find inspiration in the things I have around me.  During Christmastime, I came across these mini cupcake liners in my kitchen.  I pulled them out, thinking I might make some holiday treats, but that somehow didn't happen.  They remained on my kitchen counter and inspired me to make these Valentine's.  Not terribly sophisticated, but I plan on sending these to my nephew and nieces. They could easily be made for children or by children.  Now, I'll fumble through a tutorial.  (Not something I often have the patience for, so bear with me.)
 It all started with the mini cupcake liners.  These happen to be winter/Christmas themed.  Could use any you have on hand. 
 I used these basic craft paper blank cards.
I painted on a stem using green craft paint.
I chose two coordinating cupcake liners.  Shown above, I cut one down about 1/2" and made petals by cutting little slits all the way around the perimeter.
I used my glue stick and attached one cupcake liner right above the stem. 
Then applied the slit liner on top of it.  Finally, attached a cut out heart on the very top.
I had almost all of this stuff on hand and other than waiting for everything to dry, was able to complete these in just a few minutes.  As I stated previously, these would be great to be made by kids or for kids.  And if you happen to read this blog and receive one of these from me in a few weeks, I apologize for ruining the surprise.  I plan on blogging about a slightly more sophisticated Valentine's Day card later this week.

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