Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Summer Wind

A Belated Happy Memorial Day to you! It seems that summer has arrived with a vengeance this Memorial Day weekend. It reached the mid-nineties today and it isn't even June yet! It's been a quiet and relaxing looong weekend. -I got a much needed haircut, here. If you happen to live in the greater Baltimore area, I highly recommend it! I was starting to hate my long hair, and very nearly chopped it off. Thankfully, my kind and patient hair stylist talked my down from the ledge, gave me a really good trim. And tried to convince me that I wouldn't get heat rash on my neck. Here's hoping! Looking much, much better.
-Searched in vain for an "everyday" black sandal. I want something cute and comfortable. An impossible combination? Everything that's comfortable looks so frumpy. I made a very rare (and slightly painful) trip to an actual mall. (I love to shop, but not at malls.) If any of my 7 followers have any suggestions, please chime in! -I inexplicably watched "Terms of Endearment" twice. Perhaps this isn't something that I should admit to anyone and especially not document in writing, but what can I say, it's a good movie (although yes, sad) and I forget that I have a DVR now. The viewing happened during a two night event of closet cleaning. (Doesn't that sound exciting??) Because of my aforementioned love of shopping, I tend to accumulate a LOT of stuff. I cleaned out 2 of my 4 closets. (Counting my wins!)
-With picnic/bbq season upon us, might I recommend you try making Tabbouleh? Here's a basic recipe from the Food Network. I made it for the first time this weekend. I used cilantro only as the herb and even threw in a little avocado. Super easy, low fat, healthy and delicious! Can be served at either room temperature or chilled. Grocery store tip: I searched high and low and finally found bulgar in the "natural/organic" aisle of my store. Probably not the case everywhere, I wouldn't say that I live in a very progressive city.
-I did a little jewelry assembling: A few months ago, I bought this fun chain and the accompanying fastening closure, put them together and had a quick and cute necklace.
I wore it once, liked it ok, but thought that this might be a case of more being more. I was back at Hobby Lobby this weekend and they had the same chain at 1/2 off. Much better! I think this is a good turquoise alternative for the summer.
I have several things in the works that I hope to finish this week. I think I might have to make a trip back to the craft store...

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