Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soup's On!

I don't know about where you live, but it's been down right cold here in the Mid-Atlantic states. Especially with the wind, blowing right off the bay. So, I've been in the kitchen making soups. I recently got over my fear of ground meats in soup. I thought it bothered me, but I can eat it in chili, so I finally decided to give it a shot and now wonder what was holding me back. I made this Taco Soup last night. It made quite a vat and I think I'll end up freezing part of it. To that end, I recommend using these to freeze soups and sauces. (You can either buy small one serving containers or larger ones that hold a quart or so. And they won't spill!) There is nothing better than having some homemade soup in the bank when you're having a "cupboards are bare" sort of evening. The next recipe on the docket is for Creamy Tomato Chicken Chowder, from a favorite textile designer Anna Maria Horner. She can cook, too! I made this recipe last year, it was delicious and I look forward to making it over the long holiday weekend.

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