Monday, January 24, 2011

Dropped Stitch Faux Cowl

Something about cold weather, just makes you want to sit under a blanket, pop in a good movie (and so you don't feel like a complete couch potato), do a little knitting. I had bought this chunky pale blue yarn at the Sheep and Wool show, two or three years ago and for some reason decided, in my head, because it wasn't marked that it was wool and therefore could be felted. Well, several years later and well into a "felting" project, it was pointed out to me (and futher self tested) that it is some sort of synthetic. Not wanting to give up on it, it was suggested that I use it make a narrow scarf, connect the ends of it and make it into a faux cowl. And so I did. Thick yarn and thick needles, combined with a dropped stitch, made very quick work of it. Think I finshed this in just a couple of hours.

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