Saturday, July 17, 2010


I went "antiquing" today, in Ellicott City, MD. A very, very charming little historic city only about a 1/2 hour from Baltimore. Lots of stores had stuff sort of set on the sidewalk and as I was walking up the street, I came across a little cute and kitchy straw bag. Last summer, my straw purse, that I was completely in love with (and had been purchased for next to nothing at a sample sale), broke and was irreparable (I tried), so I've been on the hunt for a replacement this summer. The bag wasn't marked with a price, so I put it back down and went on my merry way. I happened back on it on the way back to my car and decided to go in the store and see how much it was. After haggling the store keeper down to $10 (an amazing deal, since it was in pristine condition and had a vinyl lining that I knew I could easily give a good cleaning to), turns out she only took cash. And I only had $3. So, I figured it wasn't meant to be and left to run some errands at the nearby Target. But while at Target, convinced myself that since I was going back home that way anyhow, to get some cash and see if it was still there. And what do you know, it was!! The store owner told me that two other people had been interested in it as well, but no one had cash on hand. I'm so happy I decided to go back and get it!! Life lesson #532: When antiquing, always bring cash.

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