Sunday, October 27, 2013

4 (ok, 5) Things.

Hi Friends!  I completely forgot to post last week.  Sorry!  I'm back and doing well.  It was REALLY cold here last week.  It came up sort of suddenly, which was a little tough to take. But it's been much warmer this weekend.  And the fall colors are lovely.  Especially when seen around a lake.  We have a few of those around here. And now onto to my favorite  things I've found on the internet this week.
-Some things are just silly enough to crack me up.  Brides throwing cats
-Have you heard of Humans of New York?  It's a beautiful and honest account of the people one photographer sees day to day in NYC.  His book recently came out!  You can also follow Brandon Stanton's blog here.
-This would be a really fun Halloween treat
-I have a love hate relationship with the shellac manicure.  Love the long lasting manicure, hate the difficult removal and the weakening of my nails.  I can't wait to try the new Vinylux manicure!

And a bonus link: Roasting pumpkin seeds

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