Thursday, June 6, 2013

4 Things

Hello!  I went to a really fun flea market last weekend and thought I'd share a few of my finds.
I couldn't resist this set of glasses.  I LOVE vintage souvenir items and this set was only $4!  They are in perfect condition.  Definitely my favorite find of the day!
I also picked up this vintage saltine tin.  I have been on the hunt for one of these for years.  It's a little rusty in the bottom, so I don't think I'll be storing any actual food in it.  But will be great for some craft supplies!

Now on to this week's "4 Things."
-15 things you should give up to be happy.  #1 & #2 have already started me thinking.  Great article!
-And also How Happiness Changes with Age.  Another great article!
Now, for a less philosophical topic... Looking to make some new jewelry this summer?
-Looks like you can just stop by your local hardware store to get the supplies needed for this necklace!
-And while you're at the hardware store, pick up some cording to make this bracelet.

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