Friday, February 17, 2012

Insta-Friday! Hometown Edition.

I don't participate in Insta-Friday as often as I'd like. Unfortunately, I'm usually shackled to my desk on Fridays. But my workload lightened ever so slightly today. Just enough to have time to go out to lunch! I headed with friend to the north side of the harbor (by water taxi) and we ended up in the Fell's Point neighborhood. We came upon The Agora Market, in the lobby of The Inn at the Black Olive. Such a fun really restaurant! Super friendly staff, very healthy, fresh food. I'm definitely going back. I forgot to take a picture of my lunch... a lamb gyro. They even baked the pita right there! Delicious! We ate lunch at the counter, there was this huge tray of black walnuts. Also at the counter was this huge amaryllis bloom. I got a nice close shot.
There is a huge statue of Frederick Douglass's head right on the dock near the water taxi stop. Here's a little history for you. It happens to be the sight of the first black owned shipyard in the US. One final shot before I boarded the water taxi and headed back to work. A shot of the industrial side of Baltimore. It is alive and well.
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